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About Us

Where may I found hostingPREMIUM.com logos and banners?

Here - http://www.hostingpremium.com/banners

Are your servers fully managed?

If you are referring to OS and security updates, the answer is yes. All our servers are fully managed. This includes network IDS, OS updates, security updates, monitoring, and more.

Do I have root access to my server?
Can I install my software after the server is online?

Yes, you will have root access to your server. You may install any software you like on the machine once we have put it online for you. Remember that any outside third party software is not supported by our technical support team.

If I cancel my server do I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds for prepaid services. If you wish to cancel your server you will need to do so seven (7) days before your next billing cycle.

Do you monitor my server and notify me of outages?

Yes, all servers are monitored for free with a basic ping. If you wish to be notified by mail in case of failure we do it also for free.

Do you have 24/7/365 support?

Yes, we have NOC personnel onsite 24/7/365 for reboots and assistance with your servers.

Do you have CPanel available for your servers?

Yes, Cpanel is available for Linux Servers.

Do you have a control panel solutions for Windows?

Yes, Hosting Controller is available for Windows.

Can I add additional RAM or HD to a server?

Yes, you can add RAM or an additional HD to most servers.

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