Multilanguage interface


From version 2.0.0, the WAI has multilanguage interface. It means, that users can choose the language, they want get messages in. All program messages are stored in single XML file, which can be translated to any language.

At writing time, the available languages are English, Czech, Italian, Russian, Polish and Spanish. These languages are installed by default, so you must do nothing to add them.

Installing existing language files

If you have existing language file, you want to use with XMail, you must do two things:

Creating new language file

If you want to create new language version of WAI, it's simple. You need only to know a little about XML syntax (to know, what the "well-formed" XML is etc.).

If you want to create new language file, copy some existing file (probably English, en.xml) and rename new copy according to ISO code of language you are translating to. Language codes are listed in attached table. These codes are typically two-letter (ie. "de"). For some languages, there are additional two-letter code for local dialect (therefore Austrian German is "de-at").

Then modify <header> section of your new file. Here you can see example of that section:

		<name local='English' intl='English'/>
		<author name='Michal A. Valasek' email='' web=''/>

Then translate rest of file. The id attribute contains short English name of message. Do not modify it. Modify only contents of the <msg> element, which is the message itself.

After translating the file, you may install it (see above section). Note, that changes in language file are refreshed only by login/logout or reselect of language, else it's cached.

If you want to made your language file available for others, please send it to me ( and I'll include it in next release.

There is also support list waitrans-l for interface translators. I highly recommend to join this list. More about you can find in the Support section.